Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rocks, Trees and Water

Modelling British Columbia means that you will need lots of rocks and trees as well as rivers and lakes.  Mountains vary in rock types and colours and depending on how much rainfall is received can be quite arid or very humid.  Thus the vegetation can vary greatly as well. I have chosen to model Kamloops Jct, which is located in an arid area of BC.  The geography can be quite stark and it does not support the growth of much vegetation.  I will post more photos of the yard in a later blog but as you can see in the photo below, the  hills/mountains are very yellow on the backdrop at the top right.
 The rest of the layout is more forested and lush.  I will describe in another blog how I made the trees and rocks for each area.  Most of the trees were constructed by myself, although I purchase a large number of smaller evergreens from a commercial manufacturer.  Tree making is never ending, it seems.  As you are aware, mountains also mean lakes and rivers.  I have been able to include some water features as well.
Stay tuned for more articles on scenery on the CN Clearwater Sub.

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